Piles Natural Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Are you suffering from external piles? Then you should know that certain foods can cause your external piles. Certain foods just dont agree with some people, while the same food dont bother other people. External piles can sometimes be cured by eliminating certain foods and by eating more of other kinds of food. 1st, let us examine some foods that you should avoid to help you eliminate your external piles.

Depending on the severity of piles, in extreme cases, you may need to get surgery. The surgery will cost you a lot of money and might gives additional bad side effects therefore unless your piles have reached an extreme case, it is recommended to stay with natural piles treatment.


If you work sitting in a office chair all day, a hemorrhoids seat cushion should be on your christmas wish list this year. It looks like a big donut, usually they are inflatable rubber rings, like you see children with at swimming pools. Another important thing that you should take into consideration is your posture while you are working at your desk. Try not to hunch over your desk and have your pelvic area take all the weight or strain of your upper body. Straining your lower back will also add tension to anal region, bum or buttocks. Usually, when you buy something work related, it can be tax deductible, so you shouldn't skimp on your well being at work.

Besides, there are promising reports that these natural products contain active components that may actually heal you of your piles once and for all. Some of them may at least prevent piles from developing if you are already at risk or starting to have symptoms.

Papaya is very useful fruit in piles problem. This tasty fruit helps the digestive system to work efficiently. Also it helps to maintain good digestive health. Have nearly 100 grams of fresh and ripe papaya daily.



At this point you must ask yourself one question. Is the blood dark or brightly coloured? If the blood is bright red then the probabilities are that you may be looking at here having to get rid of piles. If the blood is dark then you'll need to get any abnormalities ruled out by a physician.

This article has discussed very different home remedies for piles treatment. However, this article is not intended for medical advice, nor does it advocate the same. If you want to use home remedies, you will need to consult either a doctor or someone skilled in using home remedies that has at least an M.D. behind them. This is for your protection and this article does not guarantee these remedies. Check with a doctor or an M.D. first before using the remedies of this sort when it comes to treating piles.

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